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Purchase panels across all major geographies and countries worldwide

By connecting the world’s leading purchase panels, Europanel provide you with unparalleled insight into global consumer behaviour to help create and activate your growth strategy. Find out more about how purchase panels can help you grow your business.

How can purchase panels help your business grow?

Our panels provide continuous empirical data on consumer buying behaviour enabling you to:

  • Understand your consumer
  • Reveal the why behind the what
  • Guide strategic decisions
  • Manage your brand portfolio
  • Grow your business

Our mission is to connect you to the best global data, experts and methodologies, and to Inspire Activation within your business to drive real growth

Connecting Globally

Bringing you the Worlds' best

  • Global partnership of consumer behaviour experts
  • Harmonisation and standardization to help your organisation
  • Data you can trust

Develop a deep understanding

  • Measure & Track what is changing
  • Explain: what, who, where, when, why
  • Seek & Quantify opportunities and threats

Inspiring activation

Advice & Guidance

  • Predict & Simulate what works best
  • Prioritise to maximise ROI
  • Recommend & Plan

Strategy development

  • Capture growth
  • Leapfrog competition
  • Build and leverage best practice
  • Set new benchmarks
  • Drive shareholder value